Intercultural Management

Globalization, fusion and acquisition, mobility of people, confront the national differences, local customs and prejudices. We are not always aware that our behaviors inherent to our culture can make us lose opportunities; because we haven’t succeeded in decoding the messages and the needs of our interlocutor. In some cultures, build a rapport of trust is more important than the quality or the price of the product. Others, for instance, don’t express officially their refusal by a « No ». Being aware of these differences, knowing how to observe and adapting one self, are the challenges that we have to face, today in order to facilitate human relations and optimize performances.


We propose diversified service offers which cover the main areas – from the start, the idea of going to a foreign country, to the return to the country of origin, how to adapt to the cultural difference in order to manage with success intercultural relations:


* Main theories of intercultural management


* Specific topics which could be customized for you as :

 Professional challenges :

. Create awarness of cultural differences
. Working in a foreign country
. Working with multi cultural teams
. Distance working with multi-cultural teams
. Preparation to return of country of origin

– Personal dimension :

. Expatriation project for the family (spouse and children)
. Social life in the foreign country



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